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053 Switch Inspection (2 days)
1054 Cast Crossing Inspection (3 days)

Boundary Measures Inspection

CRT Management (4 days)

GSM - Scoping and Verification of Hand Grinding Activities
Handback (Raise & Remove ESR/TSR) (5 days)
Handback Assessment (annual) (1 day)

Handback Recert (2 days)
Hot weather Watchmen (2 days)

Installation of ESR/TSR Equipment
Introduction to P-Way (2 days)

Liquid Penetrant Testing (1 day)
Longitudinal Bridges Inspection and Maintenance (2 days)
Rail Defect Nominee/Examiner (1 day)
Installation of ESR/TSR Equipment (1 day)
Plain Line Maintenance (3 days)
S&C Maintenance (5 days)
Track Patroller (includes Hot Weather Watchmen) (3 days)
Stressing Level 1 Initial (1 day)
Stressing Level 2 Initial (2 days)
Stressing Level 3 Initial (1 day)

Stressing Levels 1-3, 4 day course (4 days)
Stressing Level 1 Recert (1 day)
Stressing Level 2 Recert (1 day)
Stressing Level 3 Recert (1 day)
Track Renewals (5 days)
Track Geometry Level 1 (5 days)
Track Geometry Supervisor (5 days)
Supervisors Track Inspection (3 days)

Boundary Measures Inspection

Stressing for Designers

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Band Saw 
Battery Rail Drill
Cable avoidance equipment operator
Clipping Machine 
Coach screwing and fishbolt fastening machine
Cold bolt expansion equipment 
Compacting breaking & digging equipment
Crossing grinders
Cutting & grinding equipment
Electric needle guns 
General lifting & moving equipment
Handheld stone blower 
Hydraulic Rail Lifter
Hydraulic tensors 
Impact Wrench 
Impact Wrenches 
Jacking trolley 
Magnetic mounted drills 
Manually Propelled Rail Handlers 
Pillar drills 
Plain line grinders
Portable lighting tower
Rail clippers, fast clips 
Rail clippers, track fastening de-clipping machine 
Rail clippers, track fastening rusty clip extractor
Rail drills
Rail gap adjusters
Rail mounted disc cutter 
Safe use of generator equipment
Safe use of mobile plant
Safe use of portable & transportable plant
Safe use of trolley equipment
Scooters and Skates 
Stihl Handheld Stone Blower Operator 
Switch grinders
Triple Wacker Operation
Undertake safe and correct operation of the Pressure Intensifier
Weld trimmer 
Wood chipper
Wood sleeper drills


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