P-Way technical training is where we excel.

All of our trainers have spent years on track and have a wealth of knowledge under their belt.

Whether you are looking for Stressing, Handback, Track Geometry or simply an introduction to P-Way, we have a whole range of courses to choose from & all at very competitive prices!

Our P-Way Courses

Track Design Level 1 Plain LineN/A
Track Design Level 2 S&CN/A
Track Design Level 3 The Hallade MethodN/A
Railway Surveying and Setting outN/A
Introduction to Track RenewalsN/A
Track renewals staging and managementN/A
Stressing for DesignersN/A
053 Switch InspectionTR07.01
1054 Cast Crossing InspectionTR07.02
Supervisors Track InspectionTR07.03
Longitudinal Bridges Inspection & Maintenance TR07.04
Hot Weather WatchmenTR42
Magnetic Particle TestingNDT MPT
Liquid Penetrant TestingNDT LPT
Rail Defect Nominee / ExaminerRDN & RDE
Track Patroller (Includes Hot Weather Watchmen)TR06
CRT ManagementN/A
GSM – Scoping & Verification of Hand Grinding ActivitiesTR26
Hand back (RRSR)TR11, TR12, TR13
Hand back Assessment (Annual)N/A
Hand back RecertN/A
Installation of ESR / TSR EquipmentN/A
Introduction to P-WayN/A
Plain Line GrindingTR80 PTMP 03.03/02
Plain Line MaintenanceTR01.02
S&C GrindingTR80 PTMP 03.03/02
S&C MaintenanceTR01.02
Stressing Level 1 InitialTR08
Stressing Level 2 InitialTR09
Stressing Level 3 InitialTR010
Stressing Levels 1-3. 4 Day CourseN/A
Stressing Level 1, 2, 3 RecertN/A
Track Geometry Level 1TR04 TR11
Track Geometry SupervisorTR05

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