About Our PTMP Courses

PTMP or Portable Transportable, Mobile plant are items of handheld or operated equipment track technicians use to complete specific tasks relating to track renewal or maintenance activity. Sometimes known as Small Plant or core plant, what ever you call it, call us for the very best PTMP training in the UK.

Our PTMP Courses

PTMP – Rail Mounted NR CODES
Crossing GrindersPTMP 03.04
Jacking TrolleyPTMP 07.02
Plain Line GrindersPTMP 03.03
Rail Clippers, Fast ClipsPTMP 04.06
Rail Clippers, Track Fastening De-Clipping MachinePTMP 04.03
Rail Clippers, Track Fastening Rusty Clip ExtractorPTMP 04.07
Clipping MachinePTMP 04.10
Safe Use of Trolley EquipmentPTMP 16
Scooters and SkatesPTMP 07.05
Switch GrindersPTMP 03.02
Manually Propelled Rail HandlersPTMP 07.01
WoodchipperPTMP 09.01
Lineside Plant PTMP 09.03
PTMP – Small PlantNR CODES
Band SawPTMP 03.12
Battery Rail DrillPTMP 02.06
Cable Avoidance Equipment OperatorPTMP 13.01
Coach Screwing & Fish bolt Fastening MachinePTMP 04.04
Cold Bolt Expansion EquipmentPTMP 02.04
Compacting Breaking & Digging EquipmentPTMP 06.02
Cutting & Grinding EquipmentPTMP 03.06
Electric Needle GunsPTMP 10.01
General Lifting & Moving EquipmentPTMP 17.01
Handheld Stone BlowerPTMP 06.01
Hydraulic Rail LifterPTMP 05.08
Hydraulic TensorsPTMP 05.03
Impact WrenchPTMP 04.11
Impact WrenchesPTMP 04.05
JacksPTMP 07.04
Magnetic Mounted DrillsPTMP 02.03
Pillar DrillsPTMP 02.05
Portable Lighting TowerPTMP 08.01
Rail DrillsPTMP 02.01
Rail Gap AdjustersPTMP 05.05
Rail Mounted Disc CutterPTMP 03.01
Safe Use of Generator EquipmentPTMP 01
Safe Use of Mobile PlantPTMP 18
Safe Use of Portable & Transportable PlantPTMP 00
Stihl Handheld Stone Blower OperatorPTMP 06.04
Triple Wacker OperationPTMP 06.03
Weld TrimmerPTMP 03.05
Wood Sleeper DrillsPTMP 02.02

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