About Our RTAS Courses

As an NSAR assured provider we offer a wide range of Track Safety and OTP/OTM courses, our assured trainers are considered by industry as leaders in their respective disciplines, meaning our learners receive the highest quality training and assessments available under the RTAS scheme.

Our RTAS Courses

PTS Working Near or Adjacent to the DC Conductor Rail(PTS DCCR)
Access Overhead Lines Construction Sites. (OLEC 1)
Auxiliary operating duties Points Operator. (AOD(PO))
Auxiliary operating duties Level Crossing Attendant.(AOD(LXA))
Conductor Rail Permit – Testing using a Live Line Tester (COSS CRP LLT)
Controller of Site Safety. (COSS)
Engineering Supervisor. (Assessment Only)(ES)
Individual Working Alone. (IWA)
Overhead Line Permit (COSS OLP)
Personal Track Safety(PTS)
Protection Controller(PC)
Site Warden (SW)
Installation, maintenance, removal, inspection of temp clamped rail joints(TR 52.01/.02)
Undertake Possession Support duties within a possession. (PS)
RTAS – Crane Controller NR CODES
Crane Controller – Excavator Crane. (CC Exc)
Crane Controller Attachment – Group 2 Civils. (CC Att Grp 2)
Crane Controller Attachment – Group 3 Powered Lifting. (CC Att Grp 3)
Crane Controller Attachment – Group 6 Rail Management (CC Att Grp 6)
Crane Controller Attachment – Group 7 Cropper (CC Att Grp 7)
Crane Controller Attachment Group 5 Vacuum (CC Att Grp 5)
Crane Controller Excavator Crane Tandem Lifting (CC OTP TL)
Crane Controller Lorry Loader (CC KBC)
RTAS – On Track Machines NR CODES
Crane Controller OTM – GPC. (CC OTM GPC)
Crane Controller OTM – KIROW. (CC OTM KIROW)
Crane Controller OTM – TRAMM. (CC OTM TRAMM)
Crane Controller OTM – TRM(CC OTM TRM)
Crane Controller OTM Core (CC OTM Core)
Crane Controller OTM Tandem Lifting – KIROW(CC OTM TL KIROW)
RTAS – Machine Controller NR CODES
Machine Controller – Material Handler. (MC MH)
Machine Controller Attachment – Group 1 Ballast/Track (MC Att Grp 1)
Machine Controller Attachment – Group 2 Civils. (MC Att Grp 2)
Machine Controller Attachment – Group 3 Cutterhead. (MC Att Grp 3)
Machine Controller Attachment – Group 4 Transportation (MC Att Grp 4)
Machine Controller Demountable Machine (MC MM)
Machine Controller – MEWP(MC MEWP)
Machine Controller Highway Permissible Vehicle (MC DPV)
RTAS – On Track Plant NR CODES
Machine Operator – Clipper. (OTP Op Clipper)
Machine Operator Highway Permissible Vehicle (OTP Op HBV)
Machine Operator OTP Core. (OTP Op Core)
Operate Fast-clipper Attachment. (OTP Op Att 15)
Operate Piling Hammer Attachment. (OTP Op Att 21)
Operate Trailer Attachment. (OTP Op Att 27)
OTP Lift Planning Single Lift. (OTP LPSL)

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