Law of Attraction – Females in Rail

The rail engineering industry is facing a significant challenge in attracting and retaining female workers, with fewer than one in ten workers in the sector being women. This shortage of female workers has serious implications for the long-term success of the industry, as diversity and inclusiveness are essential for driving innovation and creativity in the workplace.


One effective way to address this shortage of female workers in the rail engineering industry is through training and development programs that are specifically designed to attract and retain female workers. These programs can help to break down the barriers that have traditionally kept women out of the sector and provide women with the skills and experience they need to succeed in the field.


One example of a successful training program designed to address the shortage of female workers in rail engineering is the “Women in Rail” initiative, which is a collaborative effort between rail operators, suppliers, and universities to increase the number of women in the sector. The program offers mentorship and training opportunities to women interested in careers in rail engineering and provides them with the support and guidance they need to succeed in the field.

Another effective strategy for addressing the shortage of female workers in rail engineering is to promote the exciting and rewarding opportunities available in the field. This can be done through targeted outreach and marketing campaigns that showcase the diverse range of careers available in the sector and the exciting projects and technologies that are driving innovation and growth in the industry.


In conclusion, training and development programs play a critical role in addressing the shortage of female workers in rail engineering. By breaking down barriers and providing women with the skills and support they need to succeed, the rail engineering industry can build a more diverse and inclusive workforce that is better equipped to meet the demands of the future.

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